Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Don't Give a Hoot About What People Have to Say

Yes, I know. Tell us something we already didn't know.

I spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday in the Central Valley for work. My meeting was in Fresno, but it cost nearly a thousand dollars to fly into Fresno (via LA), so being a good corporate citizen I saved my employer some money flew into Oakland and drove down. The rental didn't have satellite radio (my Emerald Club membership has spoiled me) and I had forgotten to bring any music, so I had a choice: buy some CDs, listen to whatever dreadful radio stations broadcast in the valley, or drive in silence. For three hours. Three long hours.

I opted to buy.

The Starbucks in Oakland only had an Ella Fitzgerald CD. She is one of my favorites, so I bought it. Of course, it was excellent, but not so good that I wanted to hear it for the next three hours. I stopped at the Target in Tracy to pick up some snacks when I decided to foray into the electronics department. As I was looking for a car charger for my new MOTORAZR (which I love), I heard a familiar beat. And then some familiar lyrics.

"...and then we'll ride, so zoomy inside..."

Discouraged at the selection of car chargers, I started looking at DVDs

"...The sky's the limit..."

At that moment, a kid started screaming. Thankfully, he disappeared soon.

"...I don't give a hoot about what people have to say..."

I started doing a little happy dance.

"...Nothing matters but the weekend
From a Tuesday point of view
Like a kettle in the kitchen
I feel the steam begin to brew..."

Is it? Could it be? No way!

The segue that I hadn't heard on the radio in ten years? That I had been looking for on CD for fifteen years and couldn't find? That I had forgotten all about??

WAY! "This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide" from the Kings!!

But the question remained...where were these elusive songs coming from? I had to find them! Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimse of a monitor. The next video clip was already playing, but I saw a display of CD anthologies of "retro" music.


Once I (quickly) got over yet another reminder that the music of my youth (and not-so-youth) was now considered "retro" the hunt began. Was I being seduced into thinking that I would find he sought-after song only to find I had been sucker-punched by clever marketing? Would I be forced to do the unthinkable and renounce Target as the absolute king of retail? The drama! The suspense! The intrigue! And all right there at West Valley Mall.

I started tearing through the display to find the magic disc that had those songs. After not very much tearing, I across one of a few copies of "You Can Still Rock in America: 1980's Radio." As I scanned the track list, my brow furrowed and my eyes slightly squinted, I realized that I was victorious. I had found the songs.


Along the way, I also picked up "Maniac: 80s Workout" and "Party Starter: 80s Mix." At $8.95 a pop, how could I pass them up?

So, thanks to the afore-mentioned Kings tune as well as "Real Wild Child," "I'm So Excited," "Its Raining Men," (precipitation I will galdly get caught in any ol' day of the week) "Walking on Sunshine,""Walk Like an Egyptian," and others, my sojurn up and down the San Jouquin Valley was just a tad bit more pleasant.

Like the green Central Valley landscape, this beat goes on and on and on and on and on...

If anybody's interested, here's a link to the King's web site

and to the video of "This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Walking About in San Diego

I am one of the fortunate few who can, most days, walk to work. When I am not working at my downtown San Diego office I am working in Mission Valley, which is a short drive, moderate bus ride, or long trolley ride from my East Village home. I've been working in MV for a while now and today was the first day in a while that I was back in my usual office so I've noticed some changes. During the time I was in down in the Valley, significant progress has been made on the renovation of the old Owl Drug building. Many might remember it as the scary Rite-Aid or Thrifty at the corner of Sixth and Broadway. Today, they started painting the street-level facade and it looks like they are actively marketing the space for retail and restaurant tenants. The building is being sold as office condos, which is nice to see. The residential influx is good, but a balance of offices is important, too. Also encouraging is the street-level retail that is popping up with the new condos on Market Street as well as on "G" Street and on 9th Avenue. Before long, Cafe Noir will have some more competition with the new coffee house opening soon behind Lotus Thai (my favorite Thai restaurant) on 9th. Seems eons ago that I would walk around my neighborhood and see empty storefront after empty storefront wondering whether I had made a huge mistake moving down here. Hooterville-by-the-Sea is becoming a little less Hooterville-ish.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty

It's 3AM. I have to get up at 7 if I want to squeak in a walk before work. I'm dreaming of tropical isles and scantily-clad men. And then I hear it.


The sound of kitty in the meat grinder. Is something wrong? Did Willy get his paw caught in the Roman shade while pawing at the "outside" cat on the other side of the door? Is he writhing in pain on the floor? Is he trying to deliver a Lassie-esque message about poor little Timmy and the trouble he's in?

Hell, no! He's lonely.


This all started about a month ago when the "outside" cats stopped hanging around every night. Back in Spetember, a neighbor moved and left their cats behind. Willy has never played with these cats in person, he's just pawed at them through the glass of my patio door. They used to hang around day and night and now only come around occasionally. First, I caught Willy looking out the window for them. Then the meowing started.

See, Willy used to have a sister named Hillary. Well, a half-sister. Daddy was quite the stud with the ladies. Willy is the offspring of Bonjo and Momma Cat and Hillary was the child of Bonjo and Missy. They were born a couple of weeks apart in Spring, 1992. They are Scottish Folds, a breed where the ears of some kittens fold back. Both Willy and Hillary had "peaked" (ie, normal) ears, so they were less desirable to fanciers of Scottish Folds. Since no one wanted one, let alone two, peaked-ear Folds, they were never sold. I adopted them when they were three years old.

Willy and Hillary used to play in the wee-wee hours by chasing each other around the house. Up the stairs, around the rooms, down the stairs and on and on. Hillary passed away a couple of years ago and, over time, Willy began to relish only cat-hood. Once the outdoor cats arrived on and then vanished from the scene, he started acting lonely. When he meows (did I mention at 3AM?) and I get up, he starts running around, as if he wants to be chased. Although it is encouraging that he's still running around at the age of 15, I sure as hell am not going to chase him at 3AM. So, I'm looking for a pet for Willy.

The "outside" cats are out...I read an article that claimed 40% of street cats have FIV and/or Feline Leukemia. I'm not sure how he will take to an adult cat, anyway, so I am on the lookout for a kitten. Although I had considered buying a Scottish Fold, JeSais, my parents, my co-workers, and most anyone else I talked to have convinced me to adopt a shelter kitty. So, the search is on. A kitten for Willy and Stack. Let's just hope it likes to play at 3AM.

As for Timmy, if he's out there (and not too little), I'll get him into some trouble he'll want Lassie to keep quiet about.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Check This Out...

Hey, kids, looking for more rants to read? Click on eebie. He's a cool guy with something to say, even when he says nothing at all. Check him out.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Anna Nicoulter Smith

So, its been a while since my last post and I have to tell you, I'm struggling. Upon jumping online this evening I saw that two of my favorite blond bombshells were back in the news. Today was not only Anna Nicole Smith's funeral, but Ann Coulter's day to appear before the Conservative Political Action Conference. The idea was to somehow connect the two and I just can't do it. I mean, they're nothing alike! Anna Nicole was pretty, yet trashy. Ann is just pretty trashy. Anna Nicole didn't always make sense. Ann never makes sense. Anna Nicole was busty and bold. Ann is crusty and cold. similarities whatsoever. What was I thinking?